Having more than 10 years of experience in art finance and IT, we're creating ARTHERIUM – a new collection management system on blockchain for the primary art market
ARTHERIUM will provide an easy and secure way of purchasing artworks from galleries and art dealers and further collection management with all data securely stored on blockchain
Most of the art market today is in a non-public field. There are only databases of auction sales (secondary market), which do not reflect the real numbers – in most cases, the sale price has a speculative markup, which appeared as a result of bargaining with other collectors.

ARTHERIUM will be the first system to track sales data on the primary art market. It will provide collectors an easy and secure way of purchasing artworks from galleries and art dealers and further collection management with all data securely stored on blockchain.

Between the purchase and sale of artworks, ARTHERIUM will monitor the marketing and sales activity of artists whose works are in the collection to determine how much the collection costs at any given moment. A special ARTHERIUM INDEX ® based on the primary market sales will be introduced to make collectors' decisions more weighted and financially reasoned.

By purchasing an art object on the primary market, collectors will automatically undergo authorization of legitimate owners, which enable them to directly trade P2P among themselves in the framework of the platform. Thus, the platform will help to increase the transparency of the secondary art market by bringing collectors directly, and to exclude numerous intermediaries within a single transaction.

Elaboration of the Project idea
Customer discovery
Customer development
Bootstrap concept creation
Prototype development
MVP development
Investment Round 1
Beta version platform launch
Announcement of the Project
Public version platform launch
Introducing Artherium Index ®
Introducing connection of the App to the the existing auction houses to make the direct purchases / sales possible
"Naturally, all information about the collection and individual artworks will be stored on the blockchain and constantly supplemented automatically – this will lead to the fact that at the time of selling a separate artwork, a new package of documents will be generated for the new buyer, who can quickly check it. This will increase the cost of the sale, as if we are selling a car with a garage and fine-tuning services. In the future, Artherium should become an ecosystem in which registered collectors will be able to trade directly, through smart electronic contracts"
Denis Belkevich, Co-Founder of ARTHERIUM
From the interview to Art World Forum, 2018. Read the full interview here
Our Roadshow
The Art Business Conference New York
New York, April 2018
GAAB Collectors Summit: New Technologies & Art Ecosystem
Warsaw, June 2018
Basel ArtTech+Blockchain Connect
Basel, June 2018
Art+Tech Summit: Exploring Blockchain
London, July 2018
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Our Team
Pavel Rabchevskiy
Business Development / Information Technology / Digital Marketing
Altai State Technical University
Denis Belkevich
Art Expert / Art Finance / Art Management
Sotheby's Institute of Art
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